Which Infuse do I have

Have had Infuse pro for ages on my AppleTV. Had been running version 5.7 . I downloaded an Infuse for my iPad which is 7.x and says Infuse pro. So I then downloaded it to my ATV and it is also 7.x. It also says pro. It didn’t upgrade the ATV 5.7 version which is pro, so I now have 2 versions. I only need 1. Which one do I own? Am thoroughly confused with the pro issue as I thought it was lifetime, then it wasn’t, and then it was. Which is it?


If you have Infuse 7 Pro, you no longer need 5 unless you’ve got some really old Apple Hardware that 7 won’t run on.

Infuse 7 Pro gets you all updates forever, as long as you have a subscription. This includes future updates to Infuse 8 Pro, Infuse 9 Pro, Infuse 35 Pro, etc.

When you look at your subscriptions in the App Store it will tell you if you have a Pro or Lifetime subscription to either/both.

Upgrading from earlier versions is explained here.

I have no subscriptions in the app store. I have no idea what’s going on. As I said, It says pro everywhere, with no option to upgrade to lifetime which I thought I had but supposedly don’t. It’s all one big confusing mess. How do I just buy the current lifetime since that option never cones up? I really like Firecore’s products and it’s not worth the hassle of trying to figure this all out. I’d rather just buy the current lifetime and be done with it, but I don’t even have that option. I have new ATV’s and ver 7 is really nice. In a year I guess it would just stop working?

Can you check the actual version(s) you are running? This can be found within the app by scrolling to the bottom of the Infuse > Settings menu.

Worst case, you can try deleting the app(s) you currently have installed and downloading the latest version of Infuse from the App Store.

I am running Infuse 5.x Pro on an ATV, Infuse 7.x Pro on that same ATV and Infuse 7.x Pro on an iPad Pro. Somewhat of a mystery.

The exact Infuse on my iPad pro is

And yet you have a current version of Infuse Pro. This isn’t really possible — unless you’ve already made a Lifetime Purchase, per @james , below.

Are you logged into the same App Store account as you are logged into on Infuse?

I see this page on AppleTV (Settings / View Subscription), if I wanted to upgrade to Lifetime:

I am logged into the app store using my Apple ID. No matter what I do, I keeping getting this version with no upgrade possible since it thinks I am upgraded. Maybe I am. It’s all a mystery. Maybe I’ll put it on my Mac and see.

I do not see that page on my Apple TV.

It’s the very top option in Settings (:gear:) on Infuse 7.

It looks like you own lifetime already.

Since this is a one-time purchase, it will not appear in the subscriptions area or the App Store.

You can remove the old Infuse app and just use v7.


Maybe in yours. But not mine.

Your photo is of the bottom of the settings page; not the top … but if I understood @james correctly in his previous post, you might not see that option if you purchased a previously available Lifetime-edition of Infuse?

Since the Infuse Pro logo doesn’t indicate Lifetime either, maybe Firecore ought to update Infuse to clearly indicate (somewhere) that a user has a continuing lifetime subscription — even if it wasn’t originally purchased that way — just to make questions such as these easier to figure out?

^ Is there anywhere someone who owns a Lifetime purchase (as opposed to a Lifetime subscription?) will see confirmation of that in their Infuse 7 installation? Might it be worth updating the “view subscription” option with a banner indicating confirmation of their products’ Lifetime status (or restore the “view subscriptions” option and show Lifetime as current on the update subscriptions page)?

So after reading this thread, I did some searching of my own. The only subscription that the App Store shows is an inactive monthly, with the ability to renew for a month or the available plans of monthly or yearly. Infuse just shows Pro. It would be nice to have a more definitive “You have a lifetime subscription” someplace.

Perhaps an emailed receipt from Apple when you made the purchase?
Or in the “purchased app” list (below subscriptions) in the App Store?

But yeah, I agree, having it somewhere in the App itself would be ideal.

I purchase back in January and the purchased list just shows back to around March.

The receipt is a good thought, will look for that. Thanks.

Huh. Mine goes back to 2010:

Best luck finding your receipt. Cheers.

I did find the receipt in email, thanks for the thought.

I also went back and checked my receipts in the App Store and there is a drop-down for other time frames. I just had 90 days showing. I guess I was either half a sleep or in too big a hurry.

Thanks again for the effort to help.

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My Infuse 7 says pro. I have used Infuse since the start and upgraded to pro. Something happened at one point where lifetime didn’t cover future versions. How can one upgrade to Lifetime Pro when it already says Pro? This whole upgrading has been confusing for years now. I no longer know what I have purchased, although I am pretty sure I never purchased 7 pro lifetime. Yet there it is. Is there a non pro version 7 which would allow me to buy the lifetime 7 pro?

Here’s how to find out if you’ve purchased Pro 7 lifetime.

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