Which Infuse do I have

Have had Infuse pro for ages on my AppleTV. Had been running version 5.7 . I downloaded an Infuse for my iPad which is 7.x and says Infuse pro. So I then downloaded it to my ATV and it is also 7.x. It also says pro. It didn’t upgrade the ATV 5.7 version which is pro, so I now have 2 versions. I only need 1. Which one do I own? Am thoroughly confused with the pro issue as I thought it was lifetime, then it wasn’t, and then it was. Which is it?


If you have Infuse 7 Pro, you no longer need 5 unless you’ve got some really old Apple Hardware that 7 won’t run on.

Infuse 7 Pro gets you all updates forever, as long as you have a subscription. This includes future updates to Infuse 8 Pro, Infuse 9 Pro, Infuse 35 Pro, etc.

When you look at your subscriptions in the App Store it will tell you if you have a Pro or Lifetime subscription to either/both.

Upgrading from earlier versions is explained here.

I have no subscriptions in the app store. I have no idea what’s going on. As I said, It says pro everywhere, with no option to upgrade to lifetime which I thought I had but supposedly don’t. It’s all one big confusing mess. How do I just buy the current lifetime since that option never cones up? I really like Firecore’s products and it’s not worth the hassle of trying to figure this all out. I’d rather just buy the current lifetime and be done with it, but I don’t even have that option. I have new ATV’s and ver 7 is really nice. In a year I guess it would just stop working?

Can you check the actual version(s) you are running? This can be found within the app by scrolling to the bottom of the Infuse > Settings menu.

Worst case, you can try deleting the app(s) you currently have installed and downloading the latest version of Infuse from the App Store.

I am running Infuse 5.x Pro on an ATV, Infuse 7.x Pro on that same ATV and Infuse 7.x Pro on an iPad Pro. Somewhat of a mystery.

The exact Infuse on my iPad pro is

And yet you have a current version of Infuse Pro. This isn’t really possible — unless you’ve already made a Lifetime Purchase, per @james , below.

Are you logged into the same App Store account as you are logged into on Infuse?

I see this page on AppleTV (Settings / View Subscription), if I wanted to upgrade to Lifetime:

I am logged into the app store using my Apple ID. No matter what I do, I keeping getting this version with no upgrade possible since it thinks I am upgraded. Maybe I am. It’s all a mystery. Maybe I’ll put it on my Mac and see.

I do not see that page on my Apple TV.

It’s the very top option in Settings (:gear:) on Infuse 7.

It looks like you own lifetime already.

Since this is a one-time purchase, it will not appear in the subscriptions area or the App Store.

You can remove the old Infuse app and just use v7.

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Maybe in yours. But not mine.

Your photo is of the bottom of the settings page; not the top … but if I understood @james correctly in his previous post, you might not see that option if you purchased a previously available Lifetime-edition of Infuse?

Since the Infuse Pro logo doesn’t indicate Lifetime either, maybe Firecore ought to update Infuse to clearly indicate (somewhere) that a user has a continuing lifetime subscription — even if it wasn’t originally purchased that way — just to make questions such as these easier to figure out?

^ Is there anywhere someone who owns a Lifetime purchase (as opposed to a Lifetime subscription?) will see confirmation of that in their Infuse 7 installation? Might it be worth updating the “view subscription” option with a banner indicating confirmation of their products’ Lifetime status (or restore the “view subscriptions” option and show Lifetime as current on the update subscriptions page)?

So after reading this thread, I did some searching of my own. The only subscription that the App Store shows is an inactive monthly, with the ability to renew for a month or the available plans of monthly or yearly. Infuse just shows Pro. It would be nice to have a more definitive “You have a lifetime subscription” someplace.

Perhaps an emailed receipt from Apple when you made the purchase?
Or in the “purchased app” list (below subscriptions) in the App Store?

But yeah, I agree, having it somewhere in the App itself would be ideal.

I purchase back in January and the purchased list just shows back to around March.

The receipt is a good thought, will look for that. Thanks.

Huh. Mine goes back to 2010:

Best luck finding your receipt. Cheers.

I did find the receipt in email, thanks for the thought.

I also went back and checked my receipts in the App Store and there is a drop-down for other time frames. I just had 90 days showing. I guess I was either half a sleep or in too big a hurry.

Thanks again for the effort to help.

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