Which fimware will a new bought Aplle TV2 most likely have, and is it possible to flash back to 4.3?



I am going to buy an Apple TV 2 device, but I am wondering which firmware version will be preinstalled. If I understand right, only 4.3 or below can perform untethered boot at the moment when jailbreaked, so I was wondering if:

  • my new ATV2 will have a newer version installed, which will require untethered boot, which I do not want

  • is it possible to downgrade to 4.3 if the ATV2 comes with a newer firmware?

Most AppleTVs sold right now will likely have at least AppleTV 4.3 installed.

Running the current version of Seas0nPass will install and jailbreak the 4.3 version, which is untethered.