Which external hard drive to get?

I’m looking at getting a 1 or 1.5 TB external hard drive to copy ripped DVD’s to. I’ve done a little experiment with a smaller/older HD that I had and it worked fine. Can anyone recommend a good external HD? Don’t want anything with any of that backup software stuff… and of course it must be FAT32. Thanks!

The MyBook line is worth looking at.

Thanks for the help. I’m looking at the WD Elements., can it be formatted to FAT32? If so, how?

I bought a 2TB Seagate Free Agent Desktop (usb2.0, 7.200 rpm) and it works perfect, just formatted it in my macbook, plugged in my apple tv and voila!

check out lacie’s clearance store. I have a few of their clearance and a bunch of their new drives, plus my work uses them, out of the 35 or so drives we have of theirs we have only had problems with 3 (which were all bought at the same time and happily replaced by customer service with just 1 call). Anyway, I’ve had great experiences.