Which do you Recommend... SMB vs NFS?

I have always been using SMB shares, but now that Infuse 5 supports NFS connections I’m wondering if this is faster and more efficient when running simultaneous connections. Also is there any negative to using NFS that I should be aware of (is it un secure like DLNA)??

My setup is:

  • Infuse 5.3 on (2x) Apple TV 4 / Infuse 5.3 on iPad Air 2 (iOS10)
  • WD My Cloud EX2 (NAS) for my media library
  • NAS connected to Gigabit LAN on AirPort Extreme
  • AirPort Extreme features 802.11ac dualband network, all devices connect on faster 5GHz network

After doing a quick test on my iPad, the NFS shares appear to load a bit faster, but I’m wondering if this is because the NFS connections do not require any login security. Is this bad?

NFS will be the fastest option with the lowest overhead, though the setup can be a bit more fiddly.

Security for NFS is setup on the source device - in essence, you set which devices (by device name or IP address) are allowed to access your content instead of creating a username/password.

Is it so that NFS will prevent ATV for using folder artwork located in the folders, favorite-atv.png?

So that any artwork need to be manually assigned from the long-click menu.

External artwork is available when using NFS. It’s just UPnP and DLNA that will not support this.

Are you sure?
I have placed these favorite-atv.png pictures in my folders but they don’t appear automatic.
I have to assign the artwork manually from the same source.
And I’m using NFS shares.

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