which date is used for sort orders?

This is a question for both versions. I was hoping the new version would fix something and bought it, but its all the same. The last added section shows random stuff. (probably isnt random, but i cant see the sense).
Sometimes after I add new movies they actually show up there, only to be replaced at a later time again with something random, especially if I use the function in the settings to look for updated data on the source.

The second topic is the sorting inside a folder.
With the size of several hundreds of movies sadly sorting by alphabet (which is the most reliably working option) doesnt cut it anymore.
A movie has a lot of dates saved in the file and it seems the sorting option always picks a wrong one. I think the function “sort by date” works probably fine for some date, but its definetely not the date when the file came to my computer, so I think we could also need an option for sort by the date you added them (if that would work) . If I am making any mistake, please help me. As of right now when I sort by date a new downloaded movie can show up 50 movies down the list.

Last question, is it really so difficult to save all the metadata on the damn device or in the cloud? You cant imagine how many times I already had to correct the metadata again manually. Its really terrible. Just create one new folder and move files from left to right and you have to do aaalll again :frowning: