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Artwork is missing for a number of tv shows folders on atv4k, infuse 6 pro. When I go to the tvdb site, there is artwork there.
Can someone tell me which artwork infuse chooses so I can determine why it’s missing? Is it the first poster? Or is it not the posters?
I didn’t want to add my own if it’s already available. I only want to change the ones I don’t like.
An example is the tv show “Ravenge”. Season artwork has filled in.

Can you provide an example of how you have your file named?

I can’t seem to find this show. Spelling maybe?

Also, make sure you have the season episodes in a “Season XX” folder, not just loose episodes in the series folder. That will make a difference.

Typo, Revenge from 2011.
Most folders have artwork, setup is the same for all.
I wanted to know which artwork infuse uses. If there is any artwork, then infuse should use it, is that what you are saying?
What is confusing me is infuse found the series, filled in the metadata, added season artwork, then stopped. Is the some of artwork on tvdb not compatible?

This is where the individual episodes for a season need to be in a “Season XX” folder I’ve had that keep the series poster from showing even when episodes have the season poster and metadata.

Also some series have an adder to the name if it’s a remake or a version from a different country.

If TVDB has poster art for a series Infuse will use that unless there is another issue with naming or a similar problem.

For this series, how do you have the files named and how do you have the series folder named and I’ll test it here also.

I name my main folders by series name, like Revenge, sub folders Season 01, 02 etc. And each season file in the proper folder.
The season folders fill in-the artwork, the video files all get proper metadata. The main folder is missing the artwork.
If there was other info missing, I can see your concern of folders and naming.
I don’t see anything different on the tvdb that I don’t have, so I was wonder if infuse uses the poster artwork from the site?

I’ll ask once more if you don’t want me to try and figure out what’s going on I can understand that.

Can you give me an exact example of how you have one of the episode files named so I can duplicate the files and see what I get?

Thanks for the help. I have a number of series with this issue. No, I don’t want you to fix each one for me, too much to ask.
If you are sure the issue is in the naming, I will need to figure it out so I can fix them all.
Again, thanks for answering my questions.

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Just FYI, this produced all season and series artwork in Infuse with the associated textual metadata.

This is the series poster it pulled.

Thanks, I did fix it. I had season s01, I removed the “s” from the s01 and it worked.
Another was Zane Grey’s Theatre, when I removed the “‘“ and put Greys, it worked. Still looking for the other series issues.
Why does infuse make it so difficult? Infuse can find the series, add season artwork and fill in the metadata but it won’t add the folder artwork unless everything is perfect?

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Instead of adjusting the folder names, you can look at using the library to browse your shows.

This will provide a much more consistent experience, and it won’t matter how the seasons and episodes are organized.

Yes, the library area works great.
The question is why only there?
The reason we don’t use the library is because of our large library. Too much scrolling through titles to locate what we’re looking for. Different users only want to see their shows.

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