Which app to stream movies?


I have an 30GB AppleTV (with ATVFlash) on a network with an iMac, a PC and a LaCie 2TB Network drive.

On that LaCie drive I have 25GB of music (sync’d with iTunes) and 250GB of movies (just in a folder (avi and mp4)).

I want to sync AppleTV with iTunes to sync the music library - which is fine.

But what’s the best software on the AppleTV to stream my movies as I obviously don’t have enough space on the AppleTV (and I don’t want to buy another hard drive).

I tried Nito - but it seemed to suspend and crash the appleTV with a ‘out of memory’ message.
I tried XMBC - I would rather keep to the simple AppleTV interface - but it also had major tearing when streaming a film.

Sapphire looks good - but it can’t navigate to the LaCie drive where the movies are stored.

The network is on a gigabit switch.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

Sapphire should be able to browse the LaCie drive once it has been mounted on the ATV.

Once a share point has been setup to access the drive (http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Network_Streaming) nitoTV, Files, or Sapphire can be used to view and play any media stored on your drive.

If you’re getting an error when playing the files it may be related to a separate issue. What type of files are you attempting to play?