Which API call does infuse do to tvdb to get the artwork of a season?

As the title states… what API call does infuse do (in my case for ATV, but not sure it matters) to obtain the season artwork of a series?

I have a series for which a random ugly image is displayed. Probably because there was no artwork for its only season. So I added the poster on tvdb but infuse doesn’t show it.

Anyone knows or has some advice? I have moved from “local metadata” to “online metadata” to trigger new changes to take effect.


…Or does infuse proxies calls to the tvdb through their own endpoint and if so do they cache the results? If so how often are they purged?

When you add to TVDB it may take a day or so for them to start serving it out so I’d suggest doing an Edit Metadata and re-selecting the correct choice every so often to see if it’s being made available yet.

I’ve added a few posters and I just try a few times until it updates.

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Thanks. Will check in some days then. For now 24hs and still no changes.

If you want to provide the name of the series and which poster you uploaded I’ll see what I get from TVDB.

Thanks. Yes please. I don’t think I’m understanding how infuse+thetvdb works. Sometimes the image is displayed and sometimes it is not even if it’s presented in the same way on tvdb. Out of all the mods I did only one took effect.

Example: Taiheiki - TheTVDB.com
This had a poster for the series. no poster for the season. Though from other shows it seems it doesn’t matter: the poster for the season, if missing, is inherited from the main show poster (if I understood correctly… that is…)

Infuse recognizes the show (I have only the folder for season1, which should ok – it’s just not cool at all to have a Season subfolder for shows with only 1 season…) but it doesn’t display the poster artwork and shows the first episode poster. Files are like the below (the namescheme of YEAR - SHOW works for many others.

 $ ll 1991\ -\ Taiheiki/*.mkv | head -2
 1991 - Taiheiki/Taiheiki.S01E01.mkv
 1991 - Taiheiki/Taiheiki.S01E02.mkv
 $ ll 1991\ -\ Taiheiki/*.mkv | tail -2
 1991 - Taiheiki/Taiheiki.S01E48.mkv
 1991 - Taiheiki/Taiheiki.S01E49.END.mkv
 $ ll 1991\ -\ Taiheiki/*.mkv | wc -l

Thanks in advance for the help

Thanks for the info.

We’re looking into this specific case to see if we can understand why this poster is not appearing.

Hello James, were you able to understand the issue? Thanks