Which algorithm does DS Video use on the ATV?


Infuse has now become really great. There is one last point I think there is room for improvement.

DS Video suggests movies by genre or similar.
If you click on a video and see the details, DS Video will suggest films to match. It says, “The following videos might also interest you.”

Infuse only suggests videos that are in the same folder.
This also has advantages for home videos, learning videos or training videos. DS Video definitely has disadvantages and Infuse is better positioned with the folder solution.

What I also like is that it also suggests older movies (which I may not have seen for some time).

I currently have a New Movies folder, a Favorites folder and an A-Z Movies folder.

There are genre categories in Infuse, but it would be great if Infuse would suggest movies from the entire media library similar to DS Video.

To avoid disadvantages with home videos, this solution would make sense if Infuse recognizes it as movies based on the metadata.

Then there’s really no reason for me to switch to DS Video and use Infuse instead.

What do you think?

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The attached file shows a photo of the DS Video app.

Looks like there is a api from TMDb to get movie recommendations. Infuse is already using their apis but creating the interface would be more difficult. Have a recommendation for how to deal with other movies in the list your are browsing?

I’m not a programmer and can’t make any suggestions.