Where's my Couch Surfer Pro??

I can’t find Couch Surfer Pro on the main menu listing across the middle of the screen.  I installed Couch Surfer Pro, Last.fm, and Maintenance from the Manage Extras menu but I only see Last.fm and Maintenance on the main menu.  Couch Surfer Pro is nowhere to be found.  What am I missing here?

No ideas?  I feel this is something super obvious that I am not seeing.  It seems to be the only Extra that doesn’t show up at the main menu.

When I install Couch Surfer I get a top level entry called ‘browser’. No idea why you should not get the same.

No “Browser” either.  I’ve only got “Movies” “Plex” “TV Shows” “Music” “Internet” “Computers” “Last.fm” “Settings” “Maintenance”.

When I look in Maintenance–>Manage Extras Couch Surfer Pro says “Installed” next to its name.  Confused.


Which version of AppleTV software are you running?


I haven’t tested this theory, by maybe you can’t have more that 9 top level options. You could try uninstalling one of those you have already installed and see if Couch turns up.


If it does, then uninstall it and another app to make room to install ‘nitoTV’ and then ‘Overflow’. When Overflow is installed, you can group and arrange the extra apps in there - it’s basically a custom menu that you can assign other apps to.


Hope this helps

I’ll def try that out when I get back from ChiTown for Patty’s! Thanks.

How do I uninstal an Extra?  I can seem to figure it out in the Manage Extras menu or in the submenu of the “extra” itself.

I installed nitoTV regardless.  Still can figue out where my Couch Surfer is…


EDIT: Never mind about the uninstalling.  I figured it out.

Weird, after I installed nitoTV fine I tried installing Overflow but it doesn’t show up on the main menu even though it says it is in fact installed (just like Couch Surfer Pro).  But after I uninstalled last.fm Overflow magically now appears on the main menu.  So there is something with having too many extras at the main menu screen.


EDIT:  It’s fixed!  As soon as I put some stuff in Overflow Couch Surfer Pro, “Browser”, now shows up on the main menu.  THanks for all the help.  Much appreesh.

Cool, I know these apps should all work and show up as I’ve done exactly that with using Overflow as a container for the extra apps. Just wish I could work out how to have multiple Overflows and rename them!!! …basically giving the ability to create your own custom top level menus.