Where's HDR10+ support to Apple TV 4K 3rd?

I have a TV and Apple TV 4K 3rd, but every movie is played on HDR10 instead of HDR10+. Apple TV or even Plex on Samsung TV native app can handle with HDR10+ correctly.

When Infuse intend to add support to HDR10+ on Apple TV capable models?

Do you see the marking in the pre-playback screen? I know this is iOS, but it should show on Apple TV as well.

Weird. It’s showing only HDR here, not HDR10+, but when I play with Plex on Samsung TV, it shows HDR10+ on info.

Infuse should be switching to HDR10+ for supported files, as long as the Match Content options are enabled on the Apple TV.

If this is not happening then it may be an issue or quirk with the actual file.

If you’re able to upload one of these files we can take a look at it here.

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Thanks! I’m sorry for my mistake… it’s a content problem, not Infuse.

I downloaded another movie and now it’s showing HDR10+ on my Samsung TV with the newest Apple TV


Hey @james I downloaded another content and problem is back.

Same content being played over Jellyfin using Swift (the beta app) and it’s being played using HDR10+, as my Samsung TV shows.

But same content from same Jellyfin account is using only HDR10 using Infuse!

I don’t believe Swiftfin (based on VLC) actually supports dynamic range switching, so the Apple TV will just stay in whatever mode you have it set in.

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