Where is volume boost on tvOS Infuse

How about the tvOS then? Where is “Boost” to be found?

Have you tried swiping down from the top to bring up the Options while playing a video? Do that and go to Audio then navigate down to the “Volume Boost” option and click.

On Apple TV, it’s best to simply increase the volume on the TV or AV receiver.

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Hi :blush:
Well, on the HomePod the Sound is actually very low in Infuse. In all other apps it’s ok, but infuse: Not ideal :frowning: I love the software and just noticed this on my new HomePod. Not an issue beforehand

Hell to the yeah! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: , but I can not choose that option on any movies

When your on the Audio tab, have you swiped down to the Tracks column and then swipe to the right to select the Volume Boost?

Just a note, I agree with James. Why not just bump up the volume using the remote? A whole lot faster and far more variable.

We are working on some improvements for HomePods.

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