Where is the promised RMVB support?

It was more than a year ago that smooth RMVB playback support was promised to see the daylight eventually. I understand it’s an outdated and clunky format, but I’m sure there are others like me who still owns and plays RMVB files. I bought ATV Flash under the impression that RMVB was eventually going to be supported and be able to play it smoothly through built in Media Player unlike XBMC and Nito which are very choppy and blocky.

ATV flash media player is an amazing piece of add-on to our jailbroken ATVs, almost all the formats out there are supported, why leave RMVB out? Is it due to technical difficulties? Lack of awareness? or the FireCore developers simply don’t care?

The lack of RMVB support is mainly due to poor performance on the Apple TV. We’ve managed to enable playback for low-resolution (below DVD quality) RMVB files, but anything above that results in poor performance.

We may revisit this once the Apple TV 3 jailbreak is ready as the A5 processor may provide better results.