Where is the Plex "Continue Watching" list ?


I could easily find the “On Deck” Plex list and add it as a list, however I could not find the “Continue Watching” Plex list… where is it ?

I see it in Plex and it’s not empty…
I’m using 5.7.5 on an ATK 4k.

Thank you !

Continue Watching items will be displayed in the Watching section of the Up Next list (first row of Infuse home scree, and top shelf on Apple TV home screen).

If this section doesn’t appear for you, you may need to adjust the Up Next List option in Settings.

Ok got it thank you.

The problem with this is that the Up Next list seems to be a mix between the Plex one and the Infuse one.

In addition to Plex, I use an NFS share for my private videos and I don’t want these in the Up Next list, I want only Plex.
I don’t care about the watched / unwatched status of my private videos…

How can I do that ?

Thank you,

There’s no way to separate these lists at this time. Sorry.