where is the much needed IOS8/stability update

As long time firecore/mediaplayer and now Infuse user I must say, i’m not happy.

Infuse is instable and crashes a lot, freezes or can’t hold it’s network connection.

I’ve using Infuse on a IPad Air and my ATV3, i’ve tested with a 2009 and 2013 timecapsule and a linksys wrt1900ac

Conclusion: Infuse needs work to get stable, the update release is to slow and all the eye-Candy isn’t worth sh*t when
a typical movie needs to be restarted multiple times.

Question: when can we expect the update?

James is usually very responsive and helpful. He hasn’t answered in quite a long time, and because of this I think you can be sure he’s hard at work on the new version of Infuse. Don’t forget that the new screen dimensions of the iPhone 6 and 6+ came as sort of a surprise for developers, and they require an app to be adapted for optimal results.
I’m very impatient too for the new Infuse to arrive, but I’d rather trust James because of excellent past experience rather than put the pressure on him :wink: And all in all believe me I wouldn’t say the same about a lot of other developers…

Thx for your response, but i’m having the same problems on IOS7. Firecore/Media was great, but I think it’s fair to say that the Infuse development cyclus are just to long. We all want Infuse to be the default mediaplayer app …

It’s in Apple’s hands now…

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. :slight_smile:

Great news. Excited to see what’s new.

Love how people are demanding updates days after iOS8 drops on a £4.99 app. Tough crowd in here!

Thx! I’m curious about the results!!!

Context my friend. Infuse is the follow up for Firecore/Media (which was excellent). The mentioned instabalities are also very present in IOS7

“It’s in Apple’s hands now…”
Thanks a lot James, be sure we’ll let you know (most of all if we’re not satisfied)! :wink:

Let’s not forget that Apple’s validation process is very slow at the moment. If James submitted the app yesterday, there should be at least 9 days before Infuse appears in the store.

Hope the new update will fix the subtitles problem