Where is the Media Shelf option?

Just bougt the lifetime subscription for Infuse 5 Pro and so far I’m loving it! Only 2 things I can’t figure out.

  1. I see lots of mentions for it but for the life of me, I can’t find the “Media Shelf” option. I’ve looked and looked in “settings” but there is absolutely no entry for it. Am I blind? I don’t see a single button with that name.

  2. I’m working on replacing the Plex client with Infuse but while Infuse shows recently added movies, it doesn’t appear to do it for tv shows. This something that isn’t implemented yet or am I not looking in the right spot?

As to the media shelf I think what you’re looking for is Settings > Up Next List

That will give you a choice of “Watching” Only, “Recently Added” Only, or both of those using the selection “On”, or nothing but that great Infuse logo using the selection “Off”.

As to adding the recently added TV shows, if you select Library > TV Shows > and then long press on “Recently Added” you have the options to add them as a “List” or add them as a Favorite.

You can do that with most of the Library sorts.

Is there a way of turning the watch list ON but keeping that wallpaper background ON as well? I hate the plain grey.

Not that I know of but you can always put in a Suggestion in the Suggestions forum.

One note, if you are using Plex, you will see movies and TV Shows in different areas, as Infuse works to keep its categories in sync with how Plex organizes things.

To get recently added TV shows to appear on the home screen, you can try long-pressing on either of the following items to add them as a list on the home screen.

  • On Deck (found in Library)
  • Recently Added (found in Library > TV Shows)

Any thoughts on my question above? I like the infuse background when you turn OFF the up next/watch list… but I like to have those turned on but then I lose the cool background. Anyway of having both?

Unfortunately not, sorry. :frowning:

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