where is the jailbreak dreamteam

greetings what happend to the jailbreak dream team i think the jailbreakers are bit slow or silent or hiding those days

i have always been donating to who that made the jailbreak to the idevice

but apple tv 3 gen apples cheapest product is the hardest ti JB hmm damn


but what is geohot op to these days


jailbreak dream team

Geohot Ion1c Dev team Muscle nerd Chronic dev Pod2g


let me know whats up

Dude you need to take a chill pill ! There wiil be a jailbreak soon they are working probably harder than you ever worked. 

Well their job compared to my job is two different things
But ive just read about geohot only hacks when bored
And i would more than love to learn how to hack things but i dont know
Where to start
Therefore i always support and donate money to Them


You Think that Will do ?

You said you don’t know how. I provided you the link to the book they wrote on past exploits.

geohot will never do another release: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/05/07/120507fa_fact_kushner?currentPage=1

Ion1c has no interest in sharing his work.  Thinks jailbreakers are pirates.

Comex went to work for apple.  He was the one who did jailbreak.me.  The last exploit before pod2g. http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/29/comex-answers-questions-about-iphone-hacking-before-heading-off-to-apple/

pod2g is still working on this and basically our only hope unless someone new jumps into the scene.

Muscle Nerd, and all the rest are basically people who help package up the exploit and distribute it after its working.


then the jailbreak for the 3g apple tv should not be so soon 
pod2g already said that his next jailbraek will not be compatible with the atv3g :(

I dont Think there will be a jb for ATV 3 gen hmm what is the difference from the a5x and a5 cpu