where is the ATVFlash Update file??

Hi, this us my third ATVFlash install, as I have recently updated to 4.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2.
After downloading the latest ATVFlash version from ATVFlash website, extracting and running the ATVFLash application, I select the flash-drive connected to my iMac, it warms me that it will be erased and brings back a window asking me to download the ATVflash update file if this is my first time running it or to locate the file. What file are we talking about, as this is my third update and I always have to download it again??

In aTV Flash 4.0.2 and later this file will be stored in the Downloads folder. It will be named something like ‘latest0000.dmg’.

I found it in my DOCUMENTS folder. I had to do a spotlight search for “latest dmg” in order to find it.