Where is Sapphire for ATV 4.0 ???

After installing the new ATV flsh 4.0 I am wondering, why sapphire isnt available.
Is Sapphire further supporter with atv flash in further updates? I hope so…

Just posted a question on the atv Installation area of forum “Is Saphire Suported on ATV 4.0” " I can not go through that again" Thanks I think you have just answered my question.
Thanks for the new update but really no thanks, I did this last time round and waited ages for it to be back again. When are you guys going to learn this is half the reason we use ATV the saphire interface is very very important for a very large number of us and you just can not go wiping it out on any update, with out warning us . Sorry but this time round I will wait its really not worth it.

As soon as Sapphire is updated for the AppleTV 3.0 software it will be available for download on the AppleTV.

Agreed, I’ll also wait until Sapphire is updated before updating to Version 3.0 of ATV. As quoted it would be good to tell us beforehand what is updated and what isn’t.

The version to version changes can be seen here:


and more on the way.

Currently, basic stuff works: playback and a few of the custom controls.