Where is playback handled?

On the direct mode the transcoding is made on appletv like in old mode or is done by Plex?


infuse does not have a transcoding function.

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When I say infuse I mean infuse/appletv processor!

When I play a file that are on my PC who his doing the job?
I’m asking this because on this new file I have is AV1 HDR and infuse don’t play it very well an not have hdr on. I know that infuse didn’t support hdr on AV1. So I assume that infuse does the work on playing.

When I play the same file on Plex on Apple TV the hdr are on. So the work has to be done outside Apple TV.

I’m sorry for confusion…but o would like to understand this

When you run AV1 HDR files on AppleTV, infuse converts HDR to SDR. This is a tvOS system feature.
Plex will not be able to play AV1 with HDR on AppleTV. For this to be possible, Apple must add a hardware codec to the Apple TV 4K. Currently, there is no support for this codec in AppleTV.



But about direct mode/old mode there is difference about playback mode? The work is done on Apple TV?

Yes, regardless of the mode, the work is done on the Apple TV by infuse itself. The only difference is in the organization of the library. When you use the direct Plex/Emby mode, Plex/Emby catalogues your library. When using the infuse library mode, the infuse cataloger works.


Ok. Understand.

Thank you for the patience!:ok_hand:

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All playback duties are handled by Infuse on the client device.

The Apple TV does not yet support HW decode of the AV1 codec, but presumably this will be added on the next Apple TV model Apple releases. HW decode is required in order to output HDR video from the Apple TV.


Ok. So to previous models will be no solution possible?

Probably not. :confused:

The Apple TV has fairly strict requirements when it comes to outputting HDR video.

IMHO, AV1 has pretty limited device support right now, so if you are looking at converting a bunch of things to this format I would probably hold off for a bit.


Depends on Apple. If they want, they can add support for the AV1 codec in the tvOS update. Especially generation 2-3. At the time, they also added support for the H265 codec to their devices.
But so far AV1 is not a common video codec. Until the film industry moves to a new standard, to replace H265, there is no special use from AV1 today. And when there is a transition to a new codec, for example, it may not be AV1, but for example H266 :slight_smile:

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Thanks to both!!