Where is maintenance after installing it under manage extras?

I went to maintenance, manage extras and installed Maintenance. It had said not installed. After it installed and I did a low tide reset I couldn’t see anything different. It now said installed but where is it in the menus?

I'm confused - you said you went to maintenace->Manage extras so at that point it WAS installed despite the fact it then reported it was not.   On a ATV2 ruuning standard firmware or one that is freshly jailbroken that maintenance option is not there at all.    It only appears after the ATV Flash software has been installed.

Are you using Overflow (installed via nitoTV)? If so, Maintenance may have gotten relocated to the Overflow menu.

No overflow. Under maintenance manage extras there was another in the list called maintenance that wasn’t installed so I installed it. Doesn’t matter did my beta 4 update via my Mac anyway. It said that that maintenance file was for flash updates etc but didn’t see an option in it to update anything.