Where is Jaman?

Just simple question.In 3.4 patch do we have Jaman installed as well or not? I am kind of confused

Same question: Where is Jaman after the aTV Flash 3.41 patch? Do we still have Jaman?

Thank you!

I would like to know where jaman is also! I would expect an immediate response to this question from the person in charge!
aTV Flash Customer

I’m not mad, but I would like to know. Also, I had transferred a Jaman rental to the AppleTV and didn’t watch it yet. Is it now gone? Did I loose my rental?



Jaman is not yet available for the 2.3 Apple TV software. Once Jaman releases this plugin it will be re-added to the aTV Flash package.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Excellent! I appreciate your post!


Thanks for the quick response!