Where is edit metadata?

I’m using 7.2.1 and cannot find an option to edit metadata, it’s not on the long press menu for any of my content anywhere. Where should I be finding it?

What device are you using?

ATV 4k

Are you streaming from Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

When using any of these you will see a Refresh option instead of Edit Metadata, as metadata edits will need to be done via the web UI on the server.

I don’t stream from Plex using the ATV. I do use Plex on a Shield TV though, the Plex server is running on the same PC and monitoring the same folder as Infuse. Would that be it?

Could you provide a screen cap of what you’re seeing when you do long press on a video that you expect to see an edit metadata option?

Looks like Plex was the issue. I had reshresh option but not edit. But I was able to edit it in the Plex server and then refresh in Infuse to pick up the change.

Plex must take control of the metadata and so Infuse can no longer edit it?

That the purpose of using Plex is to do the metadata and collections.

You can use Infuse without Plex and let Infuse do the metadata and Library, many users do. (Me for one)

You can use the same files, you just need to delete the Plex share and connect to the same server using SMB or FTP or another protocol. Then Infuse will do it all without relying on the Plex server.

Actually I completely forgot I used plex for the share to the ATV this time when I set it up. I’ve had heaps of trouble enabling shares from my PC to infuse and had been using Plex with my Shield and it was was easier to get the share to infuse that way.

It all makes sense now.

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