Where do the 5.0.2 - 9B830 (4250) shsh blobs get saved, when saved via aTV Flash?????

If they are saved via the Maintenance menu in aTV Flash, how can you retrieve a copy of them so that you can save them locally on on your computer?

FYI - I am strictly referring to the 5.0.2 - 9B830 (4250) shsh blobs


Thanks in advance!!

cydia server.


to save it localy use tinyumbrella.

Thanks ormanton! That’s the problem, the current version of TinyUmbrella won’t save the 5.0.2 - 9B830 shsh blobs yet, but the aTV Flash will.

That’s why I was asking, how do we retrieve (save them locally on computer) these shsh blobs that aTV Flash saved?


leave them alone, they are safe in cydia server.