where did everything go?

upgraded to 3.3 this morning, and i don’t have any of the following on the main menu screen:


wtf??? i had all of the boxes selected when i made my new patchstick (except for the disable apple tv autoupdate), so they should have loaded, right?

update 1:
tried installing 3.3 again. this time, i lost internet and maintenance, in addition to the previously missing items. basically, the only additional menu option now is files.

update 2:
tried installing it again. i was able to retrieve the internet and maintenance menu options, but i still can’t view the other ones.

That is a little odd.

Please download the 3.3.1 version, recreate the flash and reinstall. Let us know if you run into any more problems.

actually, i had downloaded 3.3.1.

i’ll do it again and try it for a fourth time tonight.

well, after a FOURTH install, the exact same result.

just internet, files and maintenance.

nothing else.

in fact, i just tried going back to 3.2, and i STILL have the same problem.

I hate to say it, but have you restored your AppleTV back to factory software, updated, and then re-ran the Patch? I know it sucks losing everything in the AppleTV, but there might be a corrupt setting or file and that is what is causing the issues you are having.

I don’t know about Jaman but DVD has become nitoTV and Media has become Sapphire.

At least this is the case with my system but I upgraded NitoTV via its own menu and Sapphire by coping its install over via SSH.

i did restore, because while i did not select disabling of updates, i was somehow unable to have the atv check for updates and i wanted to get 2.2.

so, i am now restored, and up and running with a stock atv. since i have asked for my money back (but have not heard back from anyone about crediting my account), i’m assuming that i would not have access to whatever update is offered to make the atv flash compatible with 2.2.