Where can I find my recently watched movies/series/shows?

There are the categories “Recently added” and “Unwatched”, which I don’t really need. Instead, what I would need is a category “Recently viewed” so that I can quickly go back to the movies/series/shows that I haven’t finished watching yet. Where can I find this? Wasn’t this available once in Infuse Pro?

Edit 1:
I just found out that as it seems Trakt is now needed for that.

Edit 2:
I created a Trakt account and logged into my Trakt account within Infuse Pro. But I still can’t see a category “Recently viewed” or any other place where I can see my recently watched movies/series/shows. Where do I find them in Infuse Pro (now that I have a Trakt account)?

On this page it says that “Watched history” will be synced when using Trakt. But where is the “Watched history” in Infuse Pro?

Infuse will sync in progress and recently added items through the Up Next list features. The Up Next list will appear at the top of the Library screen on iOS, and at the top of the home screen on Apple TV.

Up Next will sync through iCloud, and won’t require Trakt - though Trakt is useful for syncing other things so we highly recommend using it.

What is the maximum number of items that will appear there?

This is currently limited to the 15 most recently watched ‘in-progress’ items.