Where Can I Find Last/Best UnTethered Version For Apple TV 2?

Been searching for hours. Looks pretty simple, but I have Apple TV 2 with real old version. I see difference tethered and untethered. Would like to install the latest version for the “untehered” version for my Apple TV 2?

I have the white box with largest HD. Also have version 3.0.2 build 714.

Where can I download the firecore version for untethered jailbreak? Is there a direct link? Also does that include the software update? Isi it all I need to do this?

Been reading other info-says should back up stuff in case doesn"t work or want to go back.

How or are there instructions on all procedures to jailbreak?

Hopefully described correctly.

Much appreciated, thanks!


you have 3 options 1 jail break it on the firmware you now have on it(you didn’t mention what it was). option 2. tethered jail break 4.4.2 (if apple is not signing 5.3 anymore) option 3. tethered 5.3 hopefully apple is still signing it.

many thanks for reply!


I have version 3.0.2 build 714. Also I have the white Apple 2 Box with largest HD.

So I gather the 4 version? Where can I find that download for jailbreak? From what I read that version is in the download?

Should I back up or do anything else before I jailbreak? 

Lastly does that have hbo2go on it? If not I gather that can be added later?

Much Appreciated!


if you have 3.0.2 then you have a gen 1 apple tv. you have to choices openelec or

Wow you can’t tell the difference between atv1 and atv2 and you have been reading info? :open_mouth: