Where can I find firmware 5.02 if i want to downgrade from 5.1

Where can I find apple tv 3 firmware 5.02 if i want to downgrade from the latest 5.1 update? I have saved my blobs with Tiny Umbrella so assume this is possible.


I have read that there is a chance NitoTV might have something up his sleeve—in terms of an ATV3 jailbreak—and could announce it this weekend at JailbreakCon. 




what do you have an apple tv 2? or 3? if you have an apple tv 2 you don’t need to download anything if apple is still signing 5.0.2 just plug your unit in and use season pass to do the work. I would advise you to do it asap because it’s only a matter of time(hours if not a day) before apple stop signing it.

Hi Clarence,

Thanks for responding. As stated in the first post, I have an ATV 3.




Hi Darry, here u are. you don’t have much time so do it asap. just downloaded the file and once you do open itunes and shift restore and select the file you just downloaded. save it on your desk top.


good luck


ornmaton post this link


Thanks! Will do.

I thought if I used Tiny Umbrella i did not have to worry about Apple not signing 5.02. Am I wrong on that?


no, u r correct