Where can i find a system apps on ATV2

Already jailbreak ATV2 4.4.4 just wonder after we connect with SSH where is the folder for all system apps like NETFLIX,MUSIC,YOUTUBE etc…(remember im asking the original apps on the main home screen not the one in XBMC folder.

PS. I just try to do this way,on the first ATV2 i login netflix and try to watching one movie just fine,after that i connect with WINSCP and copy folder frontrow to desktop,after thats i copy that folder to another ATV2 but when i turn on Netflix its can not remember the login information on the 1st ATV2. is it i missing something?do i have to set the permission number for frontrow folder?

thanks alot

I am having same issue and hope some pro can help us out.


just re jailbreak it. would be easier and faster than trying to fix something that cannot be fixed. Besides, you will only make it worse poking around in the system folders.

Hey Mighty,

I don’t want to re-jailbreak. I do want to learn and find out where abouts my NetFlix folder and how do I recover that folder and keep it safe place?

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its an encrypted file anyways. even if you found it, you cant do anything with it.  

I don’t mind to copy to my second apple tv2 and get going my netflix.


Clone your working apple tv to the broken one and run the Following Command when files are copied:

chown -R mobile:mobile /


Copy which files? the whole root directory?


give it a shot. i still say a re jailbreak is much easier and faster.


you use this link as a guide to quickly clone you xbmc. total mod time is under 10 mins to fully re jailbreak.



Thank a lot Mighty,

I want to copy my NetFlix Folder or files from my first ATV2 to second ATV2.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays buddy !!! 

By the time you have finished reading this post you could have re jailbroken your apple tv and saved yourself hours of wasted time. There is no answer to your question.

I already jailbroken few times but Netflix doesn’t accept my password to login on my second ATV 2 unit.

go to your netflix account. go to devices and see what is listed. Probably netflix is blocking the mac address of the box or you have not allowed access to multiple devices. It doesnt sound like an apple tv issue.

I checked and call NetFlix IT helper and its not blocked MAC or anything. I did borrowed ATV3 from my friend and try log in with my id and password and its works fine but this second ATV2 is not working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

restore to factory ipsw then build a new SPipsw possible that the build you have is corrupted

Yup, this part was done three times and everything works fine but not NetFlix.

it doesn’t sound like there’s anything wrong with your Apple TV. It might be a stretch but reset your router. I still think of something on the Netflix side with blocking the Mac address

Router reset was done several times and MAC address is not blocked by NetFlix.

Is it possible to copy whole ATV2 root directory and copy to second ATV2?

No. The problem is not the ATV. If it doesn’t work after restore its netflix