Where are the average ratings sourced from?

I noticed that is if I rate something. That gets sent to Trakt. But the average rating that exists before I rate it doesn’t match up with Trakt or IMDB. Does anyone know where it comes from?

TMDB with the rest of the metadata I believe.

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I checked five episodes of Scrubs and Infuse’s rating differs from Trakt and IMDB by 0.8 stars at random but it’s never the same. And according to their forum TheTVDB might have removed ratings (?) - https://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php?t=65652

Weirdly tho, I’m 100% positive that adding a new rating or changing the rating in Infuse immediately reflects it in Trakt. But the rating differs from what Infuse shows too.

Maybe it’s taking multiple rating sources and aggregating them somehow. I checked the Infuse Release Notes Page and the closest thing I found was a change log note that said “Personalized trakt ratings” for iOS Version 4.2.

I’m trying to ascertain how much value I should give the rating in terms of deciding what to watch.

Actually I always thought that too.
It seems however it may be different when using Server direct connection. Having just looked into it my unwatched movies match perfectly with native Plex. In my case my Plex ratings are Rotten Tomatoes scores. (Another user may see a different score as Plex also offers the option of IMDb ratings I believe.)

With regards to Shows it seems more complicated as you can select TMDB or TVDB but with default options it will use TMDB.

@Lonkelle I don’t have the show you mentioned so can’t compare but if you browse to it in Plex you should see something like this.

Note the TMDB rating and it matches perfectly when you browse TMDB and then browsing back in Infuse it shows the same rating.

TL/DR it seems with direct connection Infuse uses whatever it pulls from Plex. (I imagine it would be the same with Emby/Jellyfin)

Hope this helps.

Also to avoid confusion. TMDB is here

EDIT as Plex gives Metacritic AND Rotten Tomatoes score it actually seems to be using Metacritic and not RT.
Basically they’re not viewer ratings at all.
They’re the ratings of a random bunch of professional critics and journalists.

I only look at ratings when trying to figure out a issue from here. I never use them personally. I don’t use anything other than Infuse so that may be an why they all match. Every thing I looked at yesterday did.

I’ve hit an age where evidently the world looks at entertainment differently. :person_shrugging: :rofl:

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Yeah I have never paid attention to the imported ones either. Like you I assumed tmdb and only noticed in direct mode they come from the server itself.
Had the op never asked the question I would have still assumed TMDB to be honest.

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After more testing, the ratings do indeed come from TheMovieDB. I got that confused in my head with TheTVDB which is what started my whole confusion. Just me not realizing the movie database rated TV Episodes too. :woman_facepalming:

Thank you guys for helping my troubleshoot this. Ratings I find fascinating when comparing my own opinion of any given media.


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