Where are Rented Movies Located on ATV Black ?

Hello All


I would like to know where are the rented movies located on apple tv black. I’ve tried to look for it but could not find. Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you all

You have to install xbmc and then install addons. You dont get any rented movies or tv shows just 100% free movies and tv shows if you do it right with xbmc and the addons.

I am almost positive the OP is referring to the option off the main menu to rent a movie and where the movie is stored on on the file system.

Actually I would like to know where the rented movies are stored and then copy it to my iMac and and remove the DRM to watch it whenever I want.


Rented movies are intended for one-time use, and cannot legally be transferred from the AppleTV to a Mac.

We don’t support piracy, so I’m closing this topic.