Where are downloaded subtitle files stored?

When Infuse finds and downloads the subtitle to a film or episode, it remembers it for a next time you watch (or continue) that same program. Where does Infuse store the subtitle file or is it downloaden each time again, but then automatically?

It would be, in my opinion, best if the subtitle file, when found/selected, is stored in the same folder as the according film/episode it belongs to. Is this possible somehow…if not yet, then maybe in another update?

They are downloaded and cached on the device, and will be available for subsequent viewing (even if no internet is available).

We don’t have any plans (at least right now) to allow the subtitle to be uploaded to where the video is being streamed from. Sorry.

This means when I want to upload several films/series (already watched on the atv4) to the ipad for example to watch on the plane or while travelling (so no internet)…especially for the kids…there is no subtitle. In this case I need to manually find the subtitles and save locally for future use on all devices.

Maybe you can consider making it a plan for adding this in a future update…:wink:

Where can I find the cache and are subtitle files findable/recognizable there, so I don’t need to go on the internet and search?

One thing we are planning to look at for a future update is using iCloud as the place where subtitles are stored. This would allow for effectively the same thing as what you are asking for, but with a bit more flexibility and control.

As long as the specific files can be found as separate files, that would be fine I guess…though I don’t really understand why just saving them in the same folder as the film/serie (or in a “subtitle folder”) isn’t the easiest and most practical way…
Well, I’ll trust in your judgement…:wink: Thanks for replying so far!

When will they be deleted from the ATv4?

When will be they deleted and what is their location please?