Already there are a half dozen DLNA apps on the aTV4 app store. Many of them are looking fairly decent. Infuse is falling behind.

Very encouraging post, dude. Well done.

I’m going to go with ‘when it’s ready’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really, really keen to get my hands on it (sadly I’m not a beta tester), but when it’s ready for general release, they will release. They are not going to sit on it just to annoy you.

On the subject of other DLNA apps, I have tried a few of them and none of them work as promised. They can’t pick up my Synology NAS.

Good things come to those who wait, so I will wait wait.

I have to agree with kyteflyer2, if previous versions of Infuse App are anything to go by and from pictures/videos I’ve seen of Infuse for Apple TV 4 its going to blow all those other apps out of the water in terms of functionality. Until then I’m either airplaying from my iPad or using Plex in the interim!

Soon. Very soon. :wink:

How long did the beta approval take? can we expect a similar processing time from apple for the final product, or are they more rigorous?

Beta approvals were very quick (a few hours), but normal app submissions take longer (usually around a week) as they are reviewing the app, description, screenshots, etc…

Best of luck with it then! Here’s hoping for a new addition to the app store in a week

Can’t wait! The difference between INfuse and everything else is elegance. PLex is OK too. And oh yeah, that was also me in the OP. Could not remember my login.