When you release aTV 3.6x how to upgrade and install aTV 2.4

just one short question.
I assume you will shortly release aTV Software 3.6x which will be compatible to aTV 2.4.
Once the software is released how to I get to 2.4 without any hassles?
Do I need to reformat my aTV device and install 2.4 then afterwards your install your 3.6x software or can I just update the aTV software from my current 2.3 to 2.4 and then flash it with and USB drive with your new 3.6x?
Why I am asking this, is that I do not really want to upload all my stuff onto the ATV again :slight_smile:

The easiest way IMO is to allow auto updates on your Apple TV under Maintenance > Settings > AppleTV Updates and have the Apple TV update to 2.4 manually by going to Settings > General > Check for Updates. After that update you can plug in the new patch stick and none of your media or settings should be erased.

I must say that my AppleTV upgraded to version 2.4. After that, ATVFlash v. 3.6 stop working. I reinstalled all again, but, even starting all from scratch (install Update 2.4 for AppleTV, then installing ATVflash v. 3.6), ATVFlash refuses to boot and always AppleTV enters in recovery mode.

From there onwards, the only thing I get is… a 2.4 version of Apple TV, and I’m lucky. ATVFlash, even installed will not start and leads to recovery mode.
Eagerly waiting for an ATVFlash v. 3.61 that can cure this thing… Alas, if if knew how to downgrade to AppleTV verson 2.3…!

Best regards, Rafa Padilla, from Malaga, Spain.

I would have waited until aTV releases the new 3.6x Version before updating my aTV to 2.4.
Knowing the great work the folks at aTV do, it wont take too long until a new version will be released.

plus for future reference you can turn off auto update which is what most have done.
i can’t remember exactly were it is though on the aTV menu but it is there.

Indeed! It can be done, even when preparing the USB pendrive of ATVFlash… It was one of these things… Sometimes, one didn’t put a checkmark in its proper place (for instance, to forbid autoupdate)… The consecuences are… Well…

I do trust, because it also have happened before, that soon this will be fixed anyway, with a new version.

Best regards, Rafael.

Version 3.61 is out now. It took only hours in getting out. I knew that one of the best things I could do regarding my AppleTV was to get a perpetual subscription to ATVFlash. Indeed.

Thank you very much again for all!!

Best regards, Rafa Padilla.

I purchased ATV back at the end of April. Everything installed correctly. The last week, when I attempted to install the ATV 3.6, I ran into some trouble. I was unable to boot from the USB drive, I used the same flash drive - re-initialized, that used to install the original. I tried another Flash Drive and another and another… with no success. All flash drives that I used are on the recommeded flash drive list. Yesterday I re-initialized my apple tv , upgraded to apples newest version and downloaded ATV 3.6.1. Still, I am unable to boot from a multitude of flash drives. So now I have a plain old apple TV … Any Recommendation PLEASE???


Have you taken a look at this and see if your USB key needs this procedure done before you recreate the patch?

Here’s MY issue. I have the aTV running off an external 1TB hard drive to sync all my media. To upgrade to 3.6 i would need to update to 2.4, but that would no doubt remove the connection to my USB hard drive (right?). So I would then need to install 3.6 on the aTV, reformat the external and go through all the steps to set it back up to make the external the primary storage location. Is this correct or can I save myself a few steps. This has rarely been a simple/quick process. I LOVE THE RESULTS. I don’t love the procedure.

Anytime the AppleTV system software is updated, you unfortunately would need to go through the process of setting up the external drive again.

However, as long as you’re running the AppleTV 2.3 software or later, you can install the current version of aTV Flash (3.6.3) without having to setup the external drive again.