When will we see

We try to allocate time to features and improvements that will benefit the greatest number of people. There are a number of things we use to measure this, but by simply looking at the number of views the Direct Mode thread has had in just the last few months (currently at over 35K) and comparing this to other threads in the suggestion area, this far exceeds all but 3 of those threads (and 2 of those are features which have already been added).

A significant number of current users are connecting to one of these servers, and there is also a segment of users who have been unable to use Infuse due to the limitations it has had with these servers, prior to Direct Mode. This is why we believe it is so important.

Direct Mode has certainly taken longer than expected, and we ended up having to pare back some of the things originally planned for 7.7. However, we have still managed to deliver a constant stream of updates - including a complex Cloud Backup feature added in the fall which was needed to address unexpected changes with the way tvOS operates.

These improvements have certainly enhanced the experience for many people, but I realize if your favorite suggestion wasn’t among them it may leave you wanting more (though I will point out 1 of the 2 items linked in the first post of this thread has already been added). There are also more things planned and already in progress for the coming weeks/months as well.

Note: The roadmap thread is updated weekly, and there will be certainly more features added along the way. Features are no longer listed under a specific version until we have started work on that specific thing, as moving things around has led to some confusion in the past.

Lastly, I will note that we did bring on an additional developer towards the end of 2023. So far it has proven to be a great fit and will allow us to continue pushing Infuse forward. :slight_smile: