When will we see

Hey James :wink:

When will you work on these two Points?

We have the Feeling that some other things are constantly being preferred. How currently the direct Server-Integration :frowning:

Working on lots of things for 7.6.

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But what means „in progress“? :wink:
Because „Direct Mode“ is also currently tagged as „in progress“

It means both the features you mentioned are actively being worked on, as is direct mode.


The main thing is it’s not an eta — but it does (presumably) indicate that it’s what Firecore is currently putting their daily efforts into developing.

Hence: “In Progress”.

Whenever they finish working on it, it will either be released, or (presumably) be “postponed”, reverted back to a status of “planned”, or retagged back to the dreaded purgatory of “wishlist” items to let folks know ongoing efforts had been abandoned.