When will we see

Hey James :wink:

When will you work on these two Points?

We have the Feeling that some other things are constantly being preferred. How currently the direct Server-Integration :frowning:

Working on lots of things for 7.6.

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But what means „in progress“? :wink:
Because „Direct Mode“ is also currently tagged as „in progress“

It means both the features you mentioned are actively being worked on, as is direct mode.


The main thing is it’s not an eta — but it does (presumably) indicate that it’s what Firecore is currently putting their daily efforts into developing.

Hence: “In Progress”.

Whenever they finish working on it, it will either be released, or (presumably) be “postponed”, reverted back to a status of “planned”, or retagged back to the dreaded purgatory of “wishlist” items to let folks know ongoing efforts had been abandoned.

but why now „additional Features“ for Direct-Mode will be again prioritized…?

And we other „None Direct-Share“-Users have to wait again and again…

You have said some time ago, that most Infuse Users don’t use Plex/Emby etc, they use just a normal Share…

When we „None Direct-Share“-Users get also a little attention?

I’m really very patient, but there’s been almost no progress lately, except for “Direct Mode”…


They actually said that nobody really uses infuse with plex and emby? seriously??

No, they said the “majority” of users don’t use plex and emby. That still leaves a large number that do.

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Agreed. There hasn’t been any major new features since 7.5 (last March) where we got trailers and cut/tag groups.

But I also think that they should target mostly feature parity to library-based plex/jellyfin/emby. 20% (or whatever it was) is still a significant user base. Adding new features for both library and direct should come later.


@munpip214 mentions it’s around 20% and I’m pretty sure way back when @james replied to the subject last time it cropped up it was indeed only 1 in 5 use Infuse via a Media Server. I was shocked at the time too.

I’m one of those 1 in 5 but only because features for the majority of users have had nothing new for a very long time as Munpip also mentions.

The day we get nfo’s for TV shows I will be one of the majority.
Alphabetical jump lists has rotated between being marked as planned, scheduled to be in a release,researching then put on hold, to completely vanished so many times in the last few years I have lost count to be honest.
I’m sure Munpip can come up with a few other similar things that this has happened with.

That said I do understand why Direct Mode was fast tracked due to the metadata clearing issues.

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We try to allocate time to features and improvements that will benefit the greatest number of people. There are a number of things we use to measure this, but by simply looking at the number of views the Direct Mode thread has had in just the last few months (currently at over 35K) and comparing this to other threads in the suggestion area, this far exceeds all but 3 of those threads (and 2 of those are features which have already been added).

A significant number of current users are connecting to one of these servers, and there is also a segment of users who have been unable to use Infuse due to the limitations it has had with these servers, prior to Direct Mode. This is why we believe it is so important.

Direct Mode has certainly taken longer than expected, and we ended up having to pare back some of the things originally planned for 7.7. However, we have still managed to deliver a constant stream of updates - including a complex Cloud Backup feature added in the fall which was needed to address unexpected changes with the way tvOS operates.

These improvements have certainly enhanced the experience for many people, but I realize if your favorite suggestion wasn’t among them it may leave you wanting more (though I will point out 1 of the 2 items linked in the first post of this thread has already been added). There are also more things planned and already in progress for the coming weeks/months as well.

Note: The roadmap thread is updated weekly, and there will be certainly more features added along the way. Features are no longer listed under a specific version until we have started work on that specific thing, as moving things around has led to some confusion in the past.

Lastly, I will note that we did bring on an additional developer towards the end of 2023. So far it has proven to be a great fit and will allow us to continue pushing Infuse forward. :slight_smile:


Hi James :wink:

Yes sure I understand that you have to prioritize some Things, which has been most requested from all the Users.

And I absolutely can understand this.

But for example „Apple Vision Pro“ is now planned for Mid 2024, but has only 25 Likes :joy:

And NFO-Support for Custom TV-Series has 57 Likes :wink::+1:


May I ask…the planned design refresh is a refresh of the UI or does it mean something else?
Going back to the now vanished Alphabetical jump lists, I recall you saying previously it ISN’T a small coding task. So are there any in the plans in that design refresh.

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That has not been fully flushed out, so nothing to announce yet.

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Just putting it out there that I’m really pleased to see all the work on direct mode going on. I appreciate that there’s only a limited amount of bandwidth and there’s other things I’d like to see too, but direct mode is a major feature and I can understand it getting a lot of attention.

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I’m just surprised that fixing the broken background app refresh isn’t more in demand. I guess that’s a fringe need for most.

It’d be nice to be able to launch Infuse and have it already showing new videos and updated watched videos.

Now it’s a routine every night to launch Infuse 15 minutes prior to when we want to watch a video and let Infuse sync and scan and fetch.


Damn, I take it all back about needing nfo’s for TV shows to abandon Plex and switch to native Infuse.
It never took that long to refresh with Plex even before direct mode so maybe I will never want to switch after all.

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I don’t know what’s happening with his system. 15min is an edge case I would imagine. For me it is scanned and loaded within 30s or so

Could be the DSL connection but for the short period of time that background app refresh worked I was seeing under a minute usually. iCloud sync is all over the place from a minute to 5+ minutes.


Hello Christian 1979.
On the contrary, after rethinking the releases of infuse at the end of December 2023, FireCore returned to work as it was before.
As the features progress, they add them to new releases of infuse.
In August 2023, when they decided to implement direct mode, they concentrated all their efforts on it and the introduction of new functions really stopped.
Now, we have returned to releasing new versions of infuse once every two to three weeks. As it was before. And all improvements to the direct mode began to be made gradually.
After that, we saw on the roadmap the distribution of new features for future releases.
So, new direct mode functions will be added together with other infuse functions and improvements.
I’m sure the infuse developers themselves are already a little tired of working on the direct mode. And the release of infuse 7.7 will finally simplify the release of new versions of infuse.
In any case, infuse is the best app in the AppStore and FireCore tech support is the best. Therefore, we still remain grateful to the developers for such a positive user experience with infuse. And we believe that in the future we will have many good and important updates and development of the project.

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