When will the Seas0nPass menu get added?

“Note: The current version will not add a Seas0nPass menu to the AppleTV - this is something that will be resolved soon.”


Any expected time frame for this? I use a Bluetooth keyboard with BTstack which I can’t access until that menu is added.

I am not sure that I see the connection? All the SeasonPass menu item used to do is give you a visible indication that a jailbreak had succeeded. When you selected it, it was removed.


Oh. I thought the SeasonPass menu item was the thing under Settings labeled “custom settings”. That is where BTstack shows up when you install it… and “custom settings” is absent from the latest jailbreak.

On my system the “Custom Settings” menu entry appeared after I had installed BTStack via nitoTV.  My bluetooth keyboard is working fine with the latest software.


Ahhh interesting. In a previous jailbreak it appeared before I had installed anything that used it. For some reason I saw that the “seasonpass menu” wasn’t added in this current version yet, and then I saw “custom settings” missing and I assumed they are the same thing. I’ll be trying BTstack later, thanks!