When will NitoTV have 5.1 AC-3 pass-through?

Having ripped all my DVDs to an external drive, i’m really pleased with my AppleTV set-up but the only downside is the lack of 5.1 audio. Does anyone have an idea when this will be implemented by the Nito team? Are they even working on it? (as their Wiki suggests.)


From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like a priority for him. Personally, I have resorted to using XBMC to watch my DVD rips when I need 5.1 surround… it’s a slower experience than NitoTV, but it also has the benefit of remembering your last-viewed position automatically (which comes in handy for features), on-screen menus and a bunch of stuff that NitoTV doesn’t do. But for older, non-5.1 TV shows and such, I have stuck to NTV…