When will Frodo 12.2 on ATV 1 be available?

Hi, I was just wondering if there were any plans to update the ATV Flash installer to include XBMC Frodo 12.2? This would be great! :slight_smile: Thanks

Unfortunately, the XBMC team has dropped support for the ATV1 with the release of 12.0 (Frodo.). 11.0 (Eden) is the latest version that can be run on the ATV1.

Hi James, that’s a shame. Thanks for that. Have a great day! :slight_smile:

How about bringing openelec to us. its been a real long time since there have been any updates for atv1.

That would be awesome ^.  Let’s see some onging support of ATV1

I thought you could put Frodo on an ATV1 if you switched to Linux build and ditched the apple software?

That may be possible, though it falls way outside of what we’re able to do with aTV Flash.



got a point

same for me I pay for updates and know I can’t put frodo on atv flash!!!


How are you gonna solve this

Welcome to the club I think all atv1 users have been screwed by firecore and they won’t refund our money which I have been asking them to do from the second day that I purchased this program. They just keep giving me the run around.

Hi James, as I started the post early this year, I thought I would make further comment.

There seems to be alot of people who have loyally purchased or renewed their support for Firecore, just as I did. Thats said, I have certainly enjoyed the experience both on my ATV1 Silver, as well as ATV2 Black. Nevertheless, as support has been dropped by the current code writers for XBMC Frodo 12 and now Gotham 13 to current users of Eden, what can Firecore do to ‘pay back’ these loyal users??? I’m sure that we were NEVER to understand that support would be limited when we paid for this software program…as good as it is/was. If not, we are going to continue receiving script errors or ‘dependancies not met’ errors.

Of course it is easy to say to users to simply upgrade to either a USB or HDD version of OpenElec or Crystalbuntu 2, but I guess we are trying to be loyal to you. 

Can you advise if there is a glimmer of hope that Firecore can somehow facilitate an upgrade to incorporate these latest XBMC builds?

Many thanks James, Denis

P.S.: Addtionally, and on another subject, when can ATV2 users expect an untethered JB for IOS 5.3?


Honestly I get where people are coming from…but save yourself the stress and switch to crystalbuntu or openelec.  Its pretty simple, and you get your frodo back.  IIt sucks a bit that you lose your actual AppleTv but I honestly barely used mine other than for the internet radio which I still like better than any xbmc station setup, though they are apparently working on an apple TV Internet radio for xbmc.


XBMC runs more smoothly.  I was unhappy about it…but it works well and was pretty easy. 


It still runs better than the Ouya I bought (the broadcom crystal HD card was super easy for someone not electronically smart,to install)




Thanks, already do. I have OpenElec on one, and Crystalbuntu on the other both running Frodo 12.2 with Fusion & XUnity addons, and both ATV1’s have the Broadcom CrystalHD BCM70015. They are both great and all I can say is, Happy Days!! So in essence, make the switch! :slight_smile:

I would also like my money back. They haven't released updates for neither ATV1 or ATV2. False advertising and any attempt to get a refund ends with being ignored. 


Hi, I do reckon you are correct, however, I do believe that Firecore have updated ATV2. If you go to 'maintenance' button on the jailbroken device, and update it, it will automatically update the software and you should then also be able to get the latest XBMC Gotham 13.1 as well. I still believe that the $$ are well spent if you are getting a subscription for the aTV Flash black software.

I just bought ATV Flash for my gen 1 and think I’ve wasted my money!!!

I cannot stream to my apple tv with my ipad unless I spend an extra £5 and xbmc is s old it’s not supported an no add ons

I bought this product yesterday!!!

Ridiculous you are doing this to people knowing it’s an awful pointless product.

$30 for what?


I bought the lifetime update for the ATV1 and emailed them for months about a refund. They just kept avoiding the refund issue and would say I needed to contact XBMC for issues. Then finally after 6 months or longer they finally said that it was past the date for refund. For the ATV1 this piece of crap software is a rip off, and is false advertisment. They do not say anything about it being outdated before you buy the software and are still selling lifetime updates. FOR WHAT?!?!?!
It shouldn’t be hard to come up with a Linux based install that would included several good reps to use. But instead they would rather keep making money for nothing. For the ATV2, the software developers Ed what it’s supposed to do but barely.