When trying to add emby server keeps on saying username and password isn't right even when the same creds work on my pc

I am trying to add a emby server with infuse on my apple tv 4. After completing the pin sign in it lists the servers on my account and after selecting the server i would like to add then pressing save it says “Checking connection” and then says “Your username and password combination isn’t right. Please try again.” I have tryed multipul times trying to use the pin to sign if from multipul devices and none of them made it work

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Is this still happening with the latest 6.4.4 update that was released yesterday?

If so, can you send in a report form your Apple TV via Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics and post the 5 digit code it gives you here?

sorry i vanished for a bit, it no longer says the user and pass is wrong however it says “unexpected server response. please try again.”

Hello I have the same issues on my apple tv, ipad works fine.

I get an unexpected server error when using emby pin, and connecting with username and password gives wrong password error.

My diagnostic code: R8D0A

This should be resolved in 6.4.5 which was released earlier this week.

Thanks for your patience.