When playing some movies, some subtitles options disappear

Apple tv
When playing some mkv movies, many of the subtitle settings disappear (they do not happen with all movies)… What is the problem and its cause?

Where font - size - shadow ?

Some subtitle formats are not text, they are images and don’t have the ability to change fonts or size.

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That not correct. you can move an image based subtitle up and down.

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Tested in infuse settings
subtitle mode auto
As well as settings for Apple TV auto

The problem is with the person who uploaded the mkv movie. . Setting the subtitle option is default

I will try one of the mkv programs to delete the default and tell you

Or you could do it the easy way and run that video through mediainfo and post the full text results here.

I apologize . . The post is not related to defulte…because I deleted defulte and nothing happened…my belief was wrong…because I deleted defulte and the matter continues

Subtitle is not srt

This is the type of subtitles and its image. . Is it normal or can not deal with the type of these subtitles


SSA/ASS subtitles have embedded styles which cannot be overridden in Infuse at this time.

If you use the ‘Get More’ option to download additional subtitles from OpenSubtitles these will be fully customizable.

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I’ve been trying to fetch subtitles from opensibtitles
But after searching, there are no results
The link to the movie is sometimes its name
611872. mkv

But we are waiting for Apple TV to be updated in the next one…and allow us to write by hand the location of the translation if it does not find the translation electronically