When mute is on, trailer has no sound

7.5 bug, when mute is on, trailer has no sound

Firecore is aware.

Same here. Just adding my voice to this bug, since they are only “looking to improve” and a bunch of people has the phone always on mute. Should not be considered as an “improvement”, but a bug.

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Yeah it was brought up in the beta testing but something they didn’t have time to fix before release. Hopefully they can get it in the next one

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Same here obviously. Just posted to add my +1.

In general it would also be nice to have the same behaviour — i.e. the same player controls etc. — in the trailers player as in the normal player.

For instance impossible to swipe on the left/right parts of the screen (iPhone and iPad) to quickly adjust brightness or volume.

It was mentioned elsewhere that due to the specific video streaming protocols used by the trailer service Firecore subscribed to, the AppleTVs default player was best able to handle their playback.

I’m not aware if any plans are underway to add whatever special sauce Apple’s native players currently have in their favor to Infuse’s own, but that wish might be worth breaking out into its own suggestion thread so that Firecore might better judge how much interest there is in the trailer playback UI being internally consistent with the rest of Infuse…

This has been resolved in today’s 7.5.1 update.


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