When is XMBC 12 Beta (Frodo) aviable - this makes ATV2 to an Real Mediastation :).

Can you tell me, when you support XBMC 12 Beta (Frodo) via the installer? With this (and sure 
Firecore) is it possible to make the ATV2 to an real Mediastation, cause it 
now Supports LiveTV, Timeshift and EPG :).

You can install it now manualy via ssh : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=How-to:Install_XBMC_on_Apple_TV_2#Frodo_beta

Thats what i done, now the ATV doesn’t boot (long while Apple Logo, reachable via Ping, but Firecore diesn’t finde this Apple TV). I think, i have to reflash the ATV complete.

But its more comfortable via Firecore ;).

Once the final (non-beta) version of XBMC 12.0 is available it will be available through the Manage Extras menu.