When is infuse update coming, it's has been so long waiting

When is infuse updating coming , waiting for months.
this time the update is slow go, please atleast do once a month update.

Also I want to know how big is the staff of infuse ?
are they enough to cover all the aspects of infuse feature wise or the no. is low hence the update takes that much to arrive ?

Generally releases are more often, but in this case there are quite a lot of features and fixes going into the next release:

This requires a lot of testing and sometimes designs have to change and get retested. As a beta tester I can tell you that it is getting close.

Last I heard:

Not sure how many developers. But nothing like 100+ plex has.


Soon! Patience will pay. :wink:

It’s not the size of the staff, it’s the size of the update! There are some major features coming in 7.5 and it takes more time to get things right with this many major additions.

Don’t judge the quality of the company by the “frequency” of updates, judge by the qualily and quantity of features included in those updates. :+1: