When is infuse pro 6 coming out?

I’m going to buy it. Thanks.

I’m guessing sometime after the new year but that’s STRICTLY a guess. There are already several more versions of 5.X.X on the schedule and their offering tons of new and updated features.

Why wait? You can go the annual subscription route now and be covered for all updates from the current version no matter if it’s major like 6.X or 7.X or just another .X incremental update.

There’s no ETA for v6 right now, but what NC said is spot on.

The subscription covers you for all updates (both minor and major), which takes the guessing out of trying to figure out whether or not a major update is right around the corner.

Cool. Will the Plex client be in the major 6 update or earlier?

I don’t like subscription . I can wait until new year. Thanks

Ditto for me. I’m not a fan of subscriptions either. See you next year!

Mind you, in Canada Firecore has raised the price of Infuse Pro to $17.99, which is actually more than 2 years’ worth of the subscription at $8.49 per year.

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I just came here to say the same thing as yonghong, I’m hanging out to buy 6 and using infuse 4 pro and 5free in the meantime. In most cases I prefer to buy apps outright than pay subscriptions. In this case it’s mainly because we use family sharing, and I’d rather not rely on us all sharing the same trakt account.

Looking forward to 6!

PS. I’d appreciate an email newsletter update if the family sharing issue changes! I’ll reconsider subscribing! Cheers

Were you aware that there is a “Lifetime” subscription for Infuse that will give you all future updates including the big version changes like 6 and 7 etc? I believe there is even a discount for those that have purchased Infuse pro 4 but don’t quote me on that.

That would get you all the benefits of the current version as well as all future versions now instead of waiting for who knows how long for the next big version jump.

Yes, but like I said, i don’t like how family sharing will only work with Trakt. So I’m waiting on 6. If I knew that 6 was a year or more away then I’d buy 5 now.


There’s no ETA right now, but it’s likely Infuse 6 will be out once we run out of numbers for Infuse 5 updates. :wink:

That’s exactly the point. I like the idea of family sharing, but I don’t like to see the movies my kids watch in my trakt account.
I would really consider to buy the lifetime subscription, but you have to find an other way to realize the family sharing.
Maybe you can implement a second trakt account login, one just for the family sharing and one for the real trakt implementation.

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Agree. I have buy lifetime subscription today, hope devs thinking the ways to realize the family sharing in addition to use a single trakt account.

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