When iCloud sync is happening?

I find very confusing to understand when iCloud sync is happening vs when Infuse is fetching the latest changes directly from the library sources.

For example, I installed Infuse’s app in a new device and it started updating the library. I’m 100% sure it was using iCloud sync in the background (as it was pretty damn fast) but the messages displayed while loading the contents were either “Fetching up next” or “Fetching contents/details for XXX” (being XXX the source).

There have been several improvements in how Infuse fetches changes and artwork for metadata so it’s noticeably faster. It will actually say “Syncing with iCloud” when Infuse is updating the iCloud data and getting or checking for updates from iCloud. Infuse will also do this when it’s not the active app and even when the ATV is sleeping thanks to recent OS changes Infuse can stay more current with what’s on your server.

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Hum, that’s actually interesting because I have never seen that iCloud sync message. Will keep an eye on it.

Thanks for the reply!

Have you made sure you have iCloud sync turned on in Infuse settings?