When I purchase Infuse Pro Lifetime, will I be always be able to use it and all new versions?

Hi @james ,

when I purchase Infuse Pro Lifetime, will I be able to use every new version?

The reason why I ask is that I read more and more about developers, who also offered a lifetime one time purchase. But since subscription brings more money, they releasing something like a new software onyl available as subscription and the old software is not being updated anymore.

What I don’t want if I purchase lifetime, that Firecore releases something like “Infuse Ultimate” or something, which is only available as subscription and Infuse pro will not be supported anymore in the future.

Since the release of Infuse 5, if you purchase Pro via one of the in-app purchase options then you will receive automatic updates for all releases (including major releases like v8, v9, v100, etc…).

Theoretically, I suppose it’s possible there could be a service or feature added in the future that could require a separate purchase or a subscription in order to access (I’m not sure what this would be, and there is nothing currently in the pipeline here).

However, even if some sort of new super-premium feature is offered at some point in the future, this will not affect the Pro feature set existing users have already purchased.

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