When episode naming is different from TMDB

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To demonstrate my problem, I will use season five of the show The Office as an example.

My episodes are named after Here

and my files look like this:

but according to TMDB, it is:

And infuse then goes like this:

As you can see, there is no episode two(Business.Ethics), and I think when I select episode three(Baby.Shower), it actually plays episode two(Business.Ethics).

I mean these merged episodes’ file naming(happens a lot in this show) is technically more accurate than TMDB.

So is there any recommended way to avoid this issue? Or should I just follow the TMDB naming rules?

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Seems to do exactly as intended… What file name is reflected when you select episode 3, it will appear at the bottom. What exactly did you want it to appear as? To duplicate entry for episode 1&2?

Reaarange files to reflect order as per TMDB until the whole episode ordering feature is implemented. DVD vs airing vs absolute.

You have the first episode named with the S05E01E02 and Infuse doesn’t handle multiple episodes in one file (yet) so you’ll need to split the file into the actual two episodes and label as such. (S05E01 and S05E02)

You’ll want to follow the TMDB naming after you correct the file names to be single episodes for now.

You can add your support to this suggestion thread (which is currently tagged as “planned”)


Thank you! Exactly what I need to know!

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