When does metadata sync happen?

When is metadata being synced? With the last few updates I notice that all sorts of data is not updated, when the folder is not in the library.


  • For use with the Apple TV I have a folder that will hold a few movies and documentaries that I haven’t seen yet. So traffic is real high. Everytime I go in there I see Infuse TV i finding out what the file is supposed to be. but I will not see the duration. That I will only see when I go to Change Metadata and get back, or watch the movie.

  • I have a bunch of different folders not in the library that I watch something on the Apple TV. When I go and check on the iPad the Watch status of that file is not updated. Not after forcing a Scan for Changes in Settings → Library. Which by the way may as well be triggered by sliding down the screen, that does trigger a re-fetch of metadata in other screens! Not even after completely killing off Infuse and restarting it an hour after I’ve watched the thing on TV.

By the way, obviously iCloud Sync is turned on on both devices…

Do you have “Enable background app refresh” on in the ATV settings?

Another thing that helps this is to turn off other apps and leave Infuse as the only one refreshing in the background.

I don’t have Background Refresh turned on as that turned out to be the reason my library got nuked every once in a while.

And the only apps running on my Apple TV are Infuse and YouTube.