When do we get proper x265/H.265/HEVC support?

The Apple TV hardware can decode the codec but still anything beyond 720p is unwatchable as it becomes too much for it to handle. 720p in HEVC is barely watchable. I tried posting about this on the other stuttering thread but that’s hopelessly lost in its refresh rate/framerate debate. Can you confirm that you’re using software decoding for this codec? If so, when can we see hardware support?


(if at all possible with Apples current restrictions)

To be honest, infuse 5, and 4 for that matter cannot even playback h264 content without dramatically dropping frames. (Separate from the refresh rate issues)

Just try to play the MKV of the Piper short from Pixar, it’s a slideshow at certain points of the movie. This happens with any 1080p file with wide bitrate changes. Pixars The Incredibles (1080p) during the black and white intro is also a slideshow, happens in any 1080p high bitrate MKV.

This has been going on ever since the first version of infuse for ATV4. Wired or wireless connections don’t matter, nor does the speed of the NAS being used.

So the behaviour you describe is a product of the plackback engine struggling under higher loads.

We’re looking into a few optimizations that may help with h.265, and we’re hoping to have these available in early 2017.

With regard to other content (h.264 specifically) we’ve had a handful of reports of similar issues, but so far have been unable to replicate any such issues here (even with very high bitrate content like native Blu-ray files). However, with the aid of a few other users who have reported similar issues we are working to track down the root cause in their particular cases. If you are interested in being a part of the beta group just drop me a PM.

Thanks for that. I never had problems with h.264, regardless of bitrate. I sent you a pm.

Many thanks for the reply James.

I have also sent a PM.